Testimonials for Gina Mitchell and Positive Life Shift

I have been doing life coaching sessions with Gina now for over 6 months. Gina is a wonderful person, happy and bright, who is easy to talk to and makes you feel comfortable straight away. I have been lucky enough to experience the amazing power of NLP techniques through Gina’s life coaching sessions. The amazing insights I have had and “Aha” moments is incredible! You really can’t pay enough to have such an insight into your own mind – truly mind blowing and effective!

Roxy Gwyn-Kabayama (eBay Business Owner, Newcastle, NSW)

Life Coaching with Gina has changed my life, my perspectives and my relationships. I am a different person as I now believe in myself and believe that I can achieve anything that I set my mind to.

Since starting with Gina I have given up smoking, established and maintained a healthy balanced lifestyle involving diet, exercise and personal pamper treatments, changed jobs to be working in my dream job and established and maintained better relationships.

Through Gina’s guidance and expertise, I have improved the relationship I have with myself. I have so much more self-confidence. I am a stronger woman. This in turn has changed the relationships that I have with others. I have been able to re connect, establish and reaffirm relationships.

Thank you Gina.

Jodey Baylis (Primary School Teacher, Penrith, NSW)

Gina will make you feel like she is your close friend, a family member and confidant! Her warmth, compassion and wicked sense of humour, coupled with a love of helping others, makes her an exceptional Life Coach! I highly recommend Gina :-)!

Tanya Faramarzian (happy 2 change/ happiness Coach & Trainer, Perth WA)

Talk about Positive Life Shift, my whole world changed!I was sceptical at first but ended up embracing the whole process.
I am very glad I did as Gina waved her magic wand and the turn around in my thinking is nothing short of remarkable.
This has led to every facet of my life from love, work, thinking and family relationships to an incredible positive force.I would highly recommend Gina to anyone wanting a positive change in their lives that lies within us all. You just need the right coach to bring it out and help you on your way.

With thanks Gina.

B. Griffin

Over the past 6 months Gina has been working with me, coaching me towards improving my relationship, helping me gain insights and helping me focus on what I want and how I can achieve it.

She is understanding and insightful and has provided me with a new understanding of my relationship and given me tools to use to take it to the next level.

I was able to uncover several blocks personally that were getting in the way of achieving the relationship I dreamt of. Now I am able to see clearly what I want both in my life and in my relationship as well as the ability to navigate myself towards achieving my goals.

Gina is personable and honest, and I highly recommend her to anyone wanting more out of their current circumstances. She will take you to the next level and guide you along the path to achieve your dream life!

Tina – Happy client

Gina is a wonder woman.

I first began my journey with Gina just over 2 years ago. I had definite break throughs in my first 12 months. The financial results in my work spoke for themselves which was exactly what I wanted.

I had a complete shift in self-belief and ‘can do’ attitude and Gina is amazing at cutting through any negatives. She is able to get you to focus on what is best for you and gets you to understand the way you tick. Understanding your own operating system cannot be underestimated and Gina gets you to filter the crap out of your system.

I have every confidence in recommending Gina. So much so I have completed my second lot of sessions with Gina and I have also signed on for monthly mentoring for the next 12 months.

With thanks Gina, your work is fantastic!

Cheers Bg