About Gina


Hi there! My name if Gina and I am an NLP Practitioner and Life Coach. What I do is help people to achieve the life of their dreams. Sounds great hey! And you know what…it really is!! I love it!

I live in Sydney, Australia with my wonderful husband, Peter, and our 2 outrageously funny and very spoilt cats. I swear I spend more money on them than I do on myself!
Anyway…I studied Science (biochemistry) at university and after working in industry for 5 years, I studied some more and became a secondary school science teacher. For the next 30 years I taught school students the importance of science and scientific literacy so they could make informed decisions with regards to the BIG issues like climate change and feeding a growing world population etc. I loved teaching and I loved being around people and making a difference.

I wanted to continue to make a difference, so in 2011,I studied NLP (neurolinguistic programming) and Life Coaching. Now I help to make a difference in other ways!

When I think about it, I feel like I have been a coach my entire life in some way or form! And ….I have had my fair share of life challenges…. Hey …. you don’t get to my age and not have challenges…right? Anyway, because of those challenges, I am able to empathize and help others with their life challenges.